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Saturday August 1st, 2020
Thanks for attending in 2020. We hope to see
you again August 6th, 7th and 8th, 2021.

Because of current circumstances Pathways
has been CANCELLED this year -
See you in 2021
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Reminders and Changes for 2020

New this year:


  • All adults at Pathways to Eagle MUST BE REGISTERED - No Exceptions.
  • "Be Prepared" Registration closes on 07/18/2020 - No additional Scouts and/or Units can be added after 07/18/2020.
  • After 07/26/2020, registration will be closed and no additional Scouts can be added to your unit. Also to be sure that all your Scouts get into the Merit Badge sessions they want, you will need to have them assigned to Merit Badge sessions before 07/26/2020. 
  • Boy Scouts attending P2E as part of a Cub Scout Pack CANNOT be assigned to Merit Badges. To work on Merit Badges a Scout MUST be registered in a Troop, Crew or Family unit.
  • Family units worked very well since 2012 and will be available again this year. A family unit is one adult and one or two Scouts. The adult MUST be the parent or legal guardian for the Scouts. The family unit adult MUST remain on the P2E grounds for the entire event.
  • There will be FREE cold water available near the Merit Badge and/or Kitchen area for Scouters to refill their canteen or other refillable bottle.
  • We would like for all leaders, adults, and Scouts/Cubs to bring a canteen or a refillable plastic bottle to Pathways. We will provide all the cold water anyone needs. Our intent is to try to reduce the amount of materials that we recycle annually. We would like to become more environmentally friendly. We will however still have cold water as always available for purchase.
  • Each Scout MUST have a list of six to nine merit badges they would like to work on to be able to complete the registration process.
  • Adults that register with their units and who are P2E Merit Badge Counselors this year can have their individual registration fee reduced.
  • You will be able to pay your registration fees online. You will be able to pay using the secure PayPal process. You can pay using your PayPal account or by major credit card. . If you cannot pay online please reach out to Registration and they can assist you.
  • As BSA requires 2-deep leadership the registration system is set up that you can not register any youth until there are at least two adults registered.
  • We use an online registration process on our website. If your unit wishes to mail in their registration information for a P2E committee member to enter in the system, there is a manual registration fee of $4.00 per individual on top of the regular registration fee.
  • ALL individual registrations MUST be completed by 07/26/2020 so that information can be given to the Merit Badge Counselors.
  • No changes in assigned Merit Badges can be made after 07/26/2020. Since the unit leader can place Scouts in Merit Badge sessions the Scouts should be prepared for the Merit Badges that they requested.
  • Unit reservation deadline is July 25, 2020.   Your unit MUST be registered in order to participate.
  • Individual registrations deadline is July 25, 2020.
    A $8.00 late registration fee for all individual registrations received after the July 25, 2020 deadline.
       Note: Completed blue cards will NOT be mailed unless all registration fees are paid, including late fees.
  • BSA policy prohibits smoking in the presence of Scouts, a designated smoking area has been setup for smoking. In addition Village rules do NOT allow smoking within 15 feet of any building entrance.
  • As with all Scouting events, Scouts are not allowed to leave the event grounds.
  • Pathways to Eagle will supply blue cards, DO NOT give the Scouts blank blue cards to use.
  • Because of changes to Merit Badges requirements much of the Merit Badge session preparation work has been redone this year. Be sure that you and the Scout review the preparation work needed for each merit badge a Scout wants to take and be sure that they know what is expected of them and they'll be ready to answer questions. Scouts are encouraged to make use of the Merit Badge worksheets that are available from Scouting web sites. By using the worksheets they can have more work done before the session starts and be ready for testing by the Merit Badge counselor.
  • Because of changes to Merit Badge Requirements, please be aware of all changes and know what is expected for prerequisites. All Merit Badge Requirements are on our website
  • Adult leadership training will be available. Adult leaders that wish to participate in the training MUST pre-register in Troop 1 and pay the full weekend fee. Note: You will NOT be registered with your Troop and will NOT count as part of the two deep leadership required. The training session starts on Friday evening at 6 pm. Contact Don Cameron at for more information.
  • Additional parking is available in the Pace lot east of Village Hall on Canterbury Lane, across from the Post Office, do NOT park in the Post Office lot.
  • Use the following link to get a Google map of where Bolingbrook Village Hall is located
    Google map of Bolingbrook Town Center location
  • Ice Skating may not be available this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • The Rock Wall will not be available this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.  
  • The swimming pool will not be available this year due to COVID-19 restrictions

Thank You,
The Committee for Pathways to Eagle

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