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August 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2019
Thanks for attending in 2019. We hope to see
you again July 31st, 1st and 2nd, 2020.
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Scoutmaster Outdoor Training Agenda

Friday Session Topics Trainer
8:00PM Orientation/Introduction   Michael Wade
8:30PM Outdoor Ethics LTN Michael Wade
9:00PM Patrol Method   Michael Wade
9:90PM Campfire Program What to Include Michael Wade
10:90PM Cracker Barrel    
Saturday Session Topics Trainer
7:90AM Breakfast    
9:90AM Wood Tools Knives, Saws, Axe's, Safty Jake Smith
10:00AM Ropes Knots, Lashings Rich Wegner
11:00AM Cooking Meal Planning, Food Prep, Cleanup David Bruining
12:00PM Wood Tools Plants/Animals Identification Jake Smith
12:45PM Lunch    
1:30PM Mayors's Presentation    
2:00PM High Adventure Backpacking, Hiking Jason Burdelik
3:00PM Campfires Fire Site, Safety, Building Jason Burdelik
4:00PM Finding Your Way Map & Compass; Jay Gianerrini
5:00PM Dinner & Activities    
Sunday Session Topics Trainer
8:00AM Worship Service
Training card will be available 30 minutes after breakfast

For additional information please contact the Adult Leader Training coordinator at .

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