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August 4th, 5th and 6th, 2017
Thanks for attending in 2017. We hope to see
you again August 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2018.

Pathways Blue Cards and patches will be mailed about August 20th
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Welcome Scouters

Pathways to Eagle is an annual event for the Boy Scouts to get together and work on Merit Badges.

Scouts (Troops, Packs, Crews and Family Units) arrive on Friday evening and camp on the Village grounds until Sunday morning. During the day on Saturday, the Boy Scouts will be able to meet with merit badge counselors to demonstrate their knowledge of the skills required to earn merit badge(s). To earn some of the merit badges the Scouts are required to have completed all of the prerequisite items listed for an individual badge. There are four merit badge sessions. Each session is one hour and twenty minutes in length. Many badges can be completed in a single session, but some will require two or more sessions.

Units can also register and attend Saturday only allowing them to work on Merit Badges without camping for the weekend.

All Cub Scouts are invited to participate in this event. The Webelos have an opportunity to work on two activity pins and learn the Boy Scout joining requirements. There will also be "Field Games" in the afternoon.

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Pathways to Eagle Fee Structure

Pathways to Eagle 2016 Scout Unit Reservation Fee non-refundable $10.00  
Family Unit Reservation Fee (One Parent and one or two youth) non-refundable $10.00
Individual registration for full weekend
(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
merit badge sessions, camping and meals
Individual registration for Saturday Only,
merit badge sessions and Saturday lunch
Individual registration late fee added after 07/25/2017 $8.00
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